Manor house Dersentin - La Dersentina

The listed estate Gutshaus Dersentin is located in the intact natural preserve Mecklenburg´s Switzerland in a extensive hilly landscape, surrounded by milelong alleys of fruit trees.
The house and the park are at the moment being restored by  its residents. There will be holiday flats in neoclassic style and in traditional argentinian hacienda-style. Get an impression of it and be our guest!

Aim of the residents and supporters is, to create by skilful hands, best efforts and more love a hospitable place of the listed house and park for recreation from daily stress.

Its guests will not only expect a journey into the time of Mecklenburg´s neoclassic, but als well a piece odl tradition of argentinian Estancia-culture.

Since 2008 there is a incorporated friends association to keep and maintain the manor house and the manorial park. If you like to visit us we´d be glad to receive you personally at La Dersentina.